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Champagne Book Group Opens to Submissions Sept. 1st

Champagne Book Group is opening tomorrow to submissions! And even better, you don't need an agent to submit! This doesn't happen very often, so, as an editor for Champagne Book Group, (see my editor bio here) I wanted to take a minute to go over what kinds of stories are on my #MSWL My first …


Indie Book Review: “Sophie’s Key,” by Jodi Jensen

San Giacomo's Corner

When I first thought about reading a Romance novel, I shrugged off the idea as quickly as it manifested itself in my mind. Even my choices in film veer away from the Romance genre save but a few. But, some weeks later, I saw promo announcements / Tweets for the release of “Sophie’s Key” by Jodi Jensen. I have known Jodi Jensen to be a friendly and fun person to commune with over the vast distances of cyberspace. Dutifully, I purchased a Kindle copy and here is my spoiler free review.

Characters: The main character is Sophie, as the title would suggest. Through Sophie we get the classic “fish-out-of-water” character. Through which we have some comical and / or embarrassing moments. Along with Jacob and the child Meri, Jodi offers us a main and two strong secondary characters. Together they comprise a sort of trinity of wholesomeness. Of…

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