Indie Book Review: “Sophie’s Key,” by Jodi Jensen

San Giacomo's Corner

When I first thought about reading a Romance novel, I shrugged off the idea as quickly as it manifested itself in my mind. Even my choices in film veer away from the Romance genre save but a few. But, some weeks later, I saw promo announcements / Tweets for the release of “Sophie’s Key” by Jodi Jensen. I have known Jodi Jensen to be a friendly and fun person to commune with over the vast distances of cyberspace. Dutifully, I purchased a Kindle copy and here is my spoiler free review.

Characters: The main character is Sophie, as the title would suggest. Through Sophie we get the classic “fish-out-of-water” character. Through which we have some comical and / or embarrassing moments. Along with Jacob and the child Meri, Jodi offers us a main and two strong secondary characters. Together they comprise a sort of trinity of wholesomeness. Of…

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Why I Took A Social Media Break

Hello again! Hope everyone is happy, healthy, and otherwise well. As for me, I'm good. Better than good - great even, and part of that is due to the lengthy break I took from social media. As an author with books to promote, and social media as one of the best ways to do that, …