Episode 2: Sapa-tu-nee part one

My very first foray into writing sci-fi as a guest author in this continuing saga of The Legend


‘The Legend’ is a prequel to the YA novel The Legends of the World — it covers Etos’ 90-year journey to find a new home world.

It is a short story series created by M. Sydnor Jr., written by multiple authors.
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Part 1. Episode 2: Sapa-tu-nee part one 

written by Jodi Jensen / follow her on wordpress, twitter & facebook

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A spooky little tale of a house in the woods


The new house brought a smile to her face. A mien that had been drowning in sorrow for months. Eyes that were more wet than dry. A walk that was more drag than swag. But, Alicia had reason to smile now. This new house—not even a house, a cabin, a dream-place, a beautiful wooden structure lost in the country. Not another neighbor for miles. The new cabin played a big part in her happiness, yeah, but this transformation into positivity jumpstarted the moment she left the city. The very place that killed her son. And now all she had left was her husband and five-year-old daughter.

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Hey, Siri

Chloe snapped her seat belt and started her car. “Hey, Siri, send text message to Sam.” “What do you want to say?” the robotic voice asked. “Have you boarded yet?” “Message sent.” As she backed out of her driveway, her phone chimed, letting her know he’d answered. “Hey, Siri, read last text.” “I found your …

HERE: a 1k word story


I planned to just ditch her out there, ya know.
Leave her in the snow to think about what she’d done. For how she’d embarrassed me. How she’d wronged me. How she’d CHEATED.
I didn’t want to confront her. Didn’t expect her to confess. I was just going to leave her in the freezing cold.
But, as you know, things sort of escalated from there.

I’d never been to Green Peak in winter before then, only summer and spring. Everyone went there though; Rec stuff throughout the week, families on weekend days, couples on weekend nights. But in January, hardly anyone ever went. White Peak is what they called it in January, because of the snow. And there was so much of it. The drive was a twenty-mile trek through woods and a ten-mile hike up and around the edge of a mountain. The park was at the top, hence…

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Catching Big Bad

***For anyone who listened to the podcast on 'Constructing the Novel" this was actually one of the homework assignments from when I took that class. A fun new take on catching the big bad wolf. Enjoy!*** Big Bad pulled up in front of Grandma’s red brick house and cut the engine to the mini-van. He …

Singing Telegram

Rowan glanced at the mirrored wall and straightened her top hat. The black jacket with long tails thankfully covered most of the hideous sequined leotard, but there was nothing at all to hide her fishnet clad legs. She felt ridiculous. The elevator doors parted and she stepped into the hallway, bringing a giant green balloon …