13 Drops of Blood

Hello, Hi, and Greetings – it’s been a hot minute since I posted anything new (I’ll try to do better, I swear!).

But let’s get to why we’re here – NEW BOOK RELEASE!

That’s right! I have a new book out, an anthology, and this one is special. This book is my very own love child, born of an idea about witches and ghosts, then brought to life by myself and 12 handpicked contributing authors to bring you 13 dark, disturbing, and creepy tales of love gone wrong.

Released on Valentine’s Day, you can purchase the book here.

Now, let’s get to the really good stuff! Let’s talk about this amazing collection of stories by an outstanding team of authors! We’ll go in order as they appear in the book, beginning with what stirs up the vengeful ghosts.

Izzy – The Love Spell by Jodi Jensen – After consulting the grimoire of her 17th century Scottish ancestor, Izzy starts down a dark path to resurrect the man she loves and accidentally killed.

Issa – The Rocked Cradle by S. N. Graves – After losing the woman she loved, Shiv finds that being Mom for the little monster Issa left behind is a fresh hell she’s unprepared for.

Cedric – Unhinged by J.W. Garrett – When Cedric finds himself back among the living, he picks up where he left off before his life was snuffed out by witches, determined to make his beloved pay.

Sarah – Forbidden Fruit by Kim Rei – When the past starts to creep into the present, Trevor reaches for his family history for answers.

Jezzelle – The Booth by M. Sydnor Jr. – A man must relive the worst day of his life over and over until he accepts responsibility for the death of his girlfriend, Jezzelle.

Caleb – The Wild Hunt by Chris Bannor – Aiden returns back to the scene where he’d lost the man he loved, but something more than memory haunts him.

Amanda – The Madness of Guilt by Crystal L. Kirkham – Convinced that she is responsible for Amanda’s death and not willing to go on without her, Kerri documents her dive into the dark arts to find a way to bring her back.

Silas – Together Forever by K.T. Tate – Resurrected from the pit, Silas uses his newfound demonic abilities to track down his soulmate and bind them together forever.

Meera – Behind the Fame by D.J. Elton – A need for retribution can go either way, and Meera is determined it will be to her gain and not that of the Svengali-like Alexi.

Red – Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? by Nicole Little – Abruptly returned to the scene of her violent death, Red very quickly realizes that fairy tales don’t always have happy endings and that revenge is a dish best served bloody.

Gillian – Eternal Vengeance by Maxine Churchman – After discovering the truth about her death, Gillian seeks revenge, but she gets more than she bargains for.

Ava – Immortal Despised by Beth Patterson – In her quest to win the attention of a legendary composer, Ava unwittingly plays into the dark machinations of a jealous amateur musician.

Muse – The Binding by Jasmine Jarvis – The night she died was the night Isobel found her – through the pain of a human death.

Enzo – The Broken and Bloody Consequence by Jodi Jensen – After his accidental death in a summoning ritual, Enzo is faced with having to kill to save his beloved Izzy.

Last night, myself and 4 other authors participated in a live interview/book launch! Packed with inside info, readings of excerpts from the book, and plenty of laughs too, you can check out that interview here. There’s also a bonus Author Showcase that includes one on one interviews and even more readings, and you can watch that here. Many, many thanks to Tim Mendees for organizing and hosting these awesome events!

And finally, many thanks to the amazing team of authors who went on this journey with me, and Black Hare Press, who hosted this crazy idea of mine. My love, gratitude, and admiration to each and every one of you. Let’s do it again soon!

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