My First Children’s Book

I did it! I actually wrote a children’s book! Luna Kitty – In the Garden was written for my grandson. That little boy LOVES his kitty. He walks around the house saying “I love her”. So, I knew I had to write a story for him.

This cute book is all about his beloved Luna Kitty playing outside and making new friends. One day when I came home from work, I found her on the lawn throwing down with a praying mantis! It was pretty funny to watch – I was all set to feel sorry for the mantis but I tell you, it was holding it’s own. Another day I went outside to find a bird left for me by my car. I guess she thinks I can’t feed myself? LOL Silly kitty has so much fun in the yard that I decided that would be the basis for my story.

With a vision in mind, I wrote the story one night in less than an hour. Then I hired an illustrator and next thing I know, here we are! My grandson LOVES this story, he can recite it by heart. Which, at the end of the day, is the reason I wrote it.

Luna Kitty – In the Garden is available today! Get your copy here. I hope your little ones enjoy it as much as my grandson does. And don’t forget to leave me a review!

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