Authors I Recommend

These are authors who have influenced the way I write, transported me to other worlds and brought me great joy ~

Diana Gabaldon ~ For her amazing Outlander series and for blazing a trail for time travel stories. These have long been, and will always remain, my favorite books to get lost in.

Stephen King ~ For the spooks, the scares, the nightmares, the adventures and the laughs. He’s a master storyteller for a reason.

Gertrude C. Warner ~ For The Boxcar Children, the books that first sparked my desire to tell stories. I’ll always have a special place in my heart for these delightful tales.

Monica McCarty ~ For her beautifully written historical romances and her ability to merge dramatic storytelling with emotionally intense characters. Many a late night has been spent between the covers of her books.

Linda Needham ~ For her words of encouragement to a young writer years ago, as well as her exquisitely told romantic tales. She’s been a longtime favorite of mine.

Dean Koontz ~ For his compelling openings, his suspense-filled stories and the desire to sleep with the light on on more than one occasion.