Books I’m Reading

Every evening before I sleep, I read. These are the books that keep me up late at night, the stories that drift through my dreams in the wee hours of the morning ~

Bits & Pieces by Dawn Hosmer

February 16, 2019 ~ This book arrived about a week ago and I’ve been eagerly anticipating reading it every day since. With the promise of psychological suspense and supernatural elements, I predict this is going to be a very special read for me. Check back soon for a full review and in the meantime, you can find her book here.

Sapien: Dawn of Oblivion by T.O. Burnett

February 7, 2019 ~ I recently had the opportunity to interview T.O. Burnett on a podcast I’m co-hosting and he’d talked about his book, Sapien: Dawn of Oblivion. As we discussed the Sapien Solar System he’s created and the social, economical and political implications of integrating the nine planets in that solar system, I knew I had to read his book. I’ll be starting this one in the next few days and will give a full review at that time. You can find his book here.

1,4,3 by Alicia Sophia

February 7, 2019 ~ I received this book as a gift and have been really excited to read it. So, tonight’s the night I’ll be cracking this baby open! Here’s a small piece of the blurb: Growing up as a lesbian with an overly dramatic mother and a father who tried everything to keep his wife happy and their family together taught Cam that sometimes “I love you” really isn’t enough. Her world changed the moment she met Lee and it never stops changing as she explores the world she never knew before. Follow Cam as she navigates through love, loss, and other catastrophes. **********February 9, 2019********** Five words for you all: I. Could. Not. Stop. Reading. This book pulled me in and took me on a journey with Cam that will be hard to forget. I truly felt for this character and by the end, I found myself wishing her all the happiness she deserves. You can connect with the author, Alicia here.

The Angry Whore of the Sea by M. Sydnor Jr.

January 11, 2019 ~ This book is dated from a few weeks ago, because that’s around the time I read it. Super fun story! Here’s the review I left: Hold on to your britches matey’s, there be high sea adventures ahead! From start to finish, this is a swashbuckling ride, jam-packed with pirates, swords, revenge and greed in a deep and dangerous ocean. Heroes and villains collide as a battle ensues for possession of The Whore and a king comes calling for his lost treasure. A quick and lively read that beckons you to join in for a day of wicked fun with pirates and scoundrels, rum not included. Find his book here.

The Christmas Store by Barbara Avon

January 31, 2019 ~ I chose this book because she’s a fellow time travel author I know through Twitter and I can never resist a time travel tale! So far, this story is really tugging at my heartstrings. The main character, Daniel, lost his wife after only a year of marriage and never wanted to find love again. I’m not going to say anything more until I finish the book, except that this is a love story with the promise of a Christmas miracle. **********February 5, 2019********** I finished The Christmas Store and am delighted to say what a beautiful story of love, forgiveness and sacrifice Barbara has written! This is the kind of story to stick with you long after the last page has been read. Find her book here.

Road to Redemption by Crystal L. Kirkham

January 31, 2019 ~ I actually won this book (which was amazing because I never win anything) from a giveaway on Twitter. This story is from the Saints & Sinners series and tells the tale of Michel, who made a deal with the devil, and Paige, who’s determined to free him. This book grabbed me from the start with Paige and her supernatural abilities. I’m anxious to uncover the road that must be traveled to save a soul. Stay tuned for a full review once I’ve finished the book. **********February 7, 2019********** Tonight I finished Road to Redemption and I’ll start by saying I stayed up until after 3 in the morning with this book because I couldn’t put it down. Crystal does an amazing job of creating a flawed hero and heroine that you’ll care about and root for as they travel their separate dark paths in an effort to free each other from hell. You can find her book here.