Tiny Little Stories I’ve Written

“Freedom” ~ She ran. From her past, from her family. From her mistakes & her successes. She ran. From her emotional attachments. From her responsibilities & obligations. She ran. But some things, she found, she could never be free from. Herself & her pain. Still…she ran…

“Gran’s Wisdom” ~ Her gran was an odd woman. She ate onion sandwiches, kept shoeboxes full of zippers & saved all the soap ends in a bag under the sink. Even so, she was relatable as she imparted words of wisdom like “If you swallow them seeds, you’re gonna grow a melon in your belly”.

“Fireworks” ~ 3 AM on a frozen, snowy morning in February & the neighbors are at it again. Setting off fireworks. For reasons known only to them. Twenty so far & counting. At least the doors in the vacant downstairs apartment have stopped slamming. Maybe now I can sleep.

“Real Love” ~ Her first crush was sweaty hand holding & a bruised heart. Second love was stolen kisses in the backseat of a car. But her forever love, that was an amorous joining of souls, chicken soup on sick days & flowers on Valentine’s. The good stuff. The forever stuff.

“The Pond” ~ On their first date he slipped his gloves off & held her hand. Cupped her frozen fingers & rubbed warmth into them. He bought her coffee after & they agreed to go ice skating again.
58 years later, he took her back to the pond & held her hand for the last time as she grew cold & slipped away.

“Tomorrow” ~ She didn’t know what to do anymore. She really didn’t.
To stay was good for him, but bad for her.
And to go…well, to go would take courage. Something she didn’t yet possess.
She’d try to find some courage tomorrow.
She really would.

“Doors” Part One~ She’d closed the door to her past a long time ago. Said goodbye. No more lies. No more broken promises. No more drunken stupors & hiding in the closet til dawn. No more women calling, no more whispered conversations. No more. Until a cop came knocking.

“Doors” Part Two ~ When she opened the door, she was given the news & his effects. She identified the body. Went to a funeral. A month later, she opened the door to her future. The same cop standing there with flowers & a smile, asking for a date.

“Marriage Advice” ~ Advice for a long & happy marriage on her big day from her beloved gran: “Always undress with the light on.” When her marriage fell apart, her gran asked: “You turned the light off, didn’t you?”

“No Regrets” ~ If I could travel back in time, where would I go? Back to unfind a note that whispered a betrayal? Back to dance with my son at his graduation? Back to return my mother’s call before she died? No… But I’d go back for all the “I love you’s.” Every. Single. One.

“Him” ~ As a toddler, she cried, afraid of him. As a girl, she hid from him, & the world, covering her mouth to keep her secret. As a young woman, she found her courage & uncovered her mouth to speak the truth. As his surviving heir, she left in peace, his ashes unclaimed.