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Two doors. One key. The choice of a lifetime.After inheriting a long-abandoned farm, Sophie Sanders trades her empty existence for a fresh start in Utah. Moments into her new life, she uncovers a wooden screen door that sends her spiraling into 1901 where she meets Texas Ranger and widower, Jacob Warren.When an injury leaves Sophie reliant on Jacob and his hospitality, she resolves to keep her time-traveling secret. Before long, she finds herself falling for the rugged Texas Ranger despite her modern sensibilities constantly being at odds with his old-fashioned values.When the only thing that keeps her anchored in the past, a silver skeleton key given to her by a Romani woman, is taken during an attack, Sophie must depend on Jacob to help her get it back. The strength of their newly formed bond is tested as they race to discover who’s behind a string of accidents and recover Sophie’s key before time runs out.


*****Update July 6, 2020*****

We made it!! Sophies Key has just gone live on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Champagne Book Group!! What a long road it’s been to get here, but you know what? It was worth every minute. I’ve learned so much along the way and had so many new opportunities arise from this experience, that I can only feel grateful that I’ve taken the road I have to get here. And…this is a 20+ year dream in the making that’s come true! What more could a girl ask for? 

*****Update December 30, 2019*****

Well, here we are, at the end of the year! Sophie’s Key now has a beautiful cover and is available for pre-order. Still in edits and still waiting on an official release date, but I’m thinking it will be spring of 2020. As much as I’m thrilled and excited for my book, I also want to be sure it’s ready when it launches, so I’m good with going through the process! 

*****Update August 6, 2019*****

I’ve had a little bit of a bumpy road, been reassigned a new editor and am back on track. During this process, I’ve had my release date rescheduled to December 2019!! Honestly, I felt a little discouraged by the news until a friend reminded me it’s all part of the process and rushed edits make for mistakes in the final book. I’m looking forward to putting my best possible work out there and it’ll be worth the wait!!

*****Update May 13, 2019*****

The release date for Sophie’s Key has been rescheduled to September 2019!! I’m currently in the editing phase with my publisher, hoping to be finished by July so we can make the September release.

*****Update February 12, 2019******

I have an anticipated release date of August 2019!!! More details as they become available!

*****January 2019*****

Hey friends! If you’ve come to find out how Sophie’s Key is coming along on the road to publishing, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s a little about the journey so far:

In June of 2018 I pitched Sophie’s Key at a Twitter pitch party (#PitMad) and got a couple of likes (requests) from publishers.

I sent the requested material and 12 hours later, yes, you heard that right, 12 hours later, I got a request for a full from one of those publishers.

I sent and this time it took about 2 months to get back to me. They gave me a “revise & resubmit” request (to fix some small things) so I did and resubmitted.

Then, two days after Christmas, on December 27th, I received an offer from this publisher!

A week later, contracts were signed!

Now I’m in the middle of paperwork and edits, but am hoping to have a release date soon.

Stay tuned! I’ll be posting updates as I have them!